I'm an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker based in the UK. I focus on underground countercultures, global conflict, and organised crime. My work relies heavily on an unfiltered approach to on-the-ground reporting.

My access within the fringes of society, militant organisations, and underworld networks, has led me to work all over the world. I’ve reported from Syria, Brazil, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Armenia, Japan, Palestine, Iraq, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Morocco, and elsewhere. 

I'm entirely self-taught, first starting out as a freelancer in 2013. Since then I’ve worked for HBO, VICE News, Esquire, Wired, The Guardian, ProPublica, and Frontline PBS. My investigative work won a DuPont award. 

Preferring to work independently, I've launched my own grassroots projects—most notably Popular Front in 2018 and Away Days in 2023—under the umbrella of my production studio, H11

To contact me, email: jake@hanrahan.tv