I'm an independent journalist and documentary filmmaker based in the UK. I cover conflict, crime, and underground activity all over the world. I make documentaries, write articles, and take photos. My work is unfiltered and without frills.  

I've worked for HBO, VICE News, Esquire, Frontline PBS, ProPublica, Harpers, BBC News, The Guardian, Wired, and more.

I've reported from Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, southeast Turkey, Palestine, Karabakh, Peru, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, and more.

Primarily I focus on irregular warfare, organised crime, extremist politics, and various underground activities. I work mostly as a correspondent, producer, and creative director.

I founded and run Popular Front, a grassroots conflict journalism platform.

My investigative reporting has won a DuPont award.

If you want to get in touch, please email me: jake@hanrahan.tv