01: The Nazis Fighting for Assad - with Pascal Andresen

Find out about the far-right Syrian Social Nationalist Party and the militants they've sent to go and fight for Assad.

02: All American Militias - with Hampton Stall

Find out from the guy who runs "Militia Watch" all about US militias and their love for guns, liberty, and often Donald Trump. 

03: Portrait Photography on the Rojava Frontlines - with Joey L

Portrait photographer Joey L went to war for the first time in Northern Syria to capture the fight of the Kurdish YPG, documenting the culture in a way he says photojournalists can't.

04: Don't Call Them Christian Militias - with Hans COMING SOON

A detailed look at the myriad of different Assyrian/Syriac/Chaldean "Christian" militias fighting in both Syria and Iraq.

05: Can't Believe it's Not the IRA? - with Sionnach Fionn - COMING SOON

A look at the new alliances within the deeply divided Irish "dissident" militant scene, and what that means for Ireland and Britain. 

06: Drones & Drone Bombs - with Nick Waters - COMING SOON

Hear about how commercial drones that can be bought from Amazon are being used by militants to keep surveillance and even turned into weapons.

07: War via Google Maps - with Christiaan Triebert - COMING SOON

Hear, from one of the very best, how geo-locating in war is changing the face of conflict and exposing those who are accountable for it.

08: The Ideology of the YPJ - COMING SOON

A detailed conversation about "Jinology", the ideological driving force behind the YPJ and their fight against ISIS. 

09: The New Mexican Drug Cartels - COMING SOON

Mexican drug cartels are now armed and functioning more like paramilitaries. Hear about the new alliances they've made and the problems they're creating in Mexico. 

10: The ISIS Suicide Car Production Line - with Hugo Kaaman - COMING SOON

All about ISIS and their suicide cars (or SVBIEDS—suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive devices) in Syria in Iraq, from the switches they use to tricks they played in Mosul.

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